OIDs for detailed printer count on Kyocera (TaskAlfa 4550cn)

Using SNMPWalk I found and matched to following counters to the actual levels as reported by our Kyocera TaskAlfa 4550cn; OID=., Type=Integer, Value=145436 Level 1  Printer OID=., Type=Integer, Value=1038 Level 1  Copies OID=., Type=Integer, Value=160866 Level 2  Printer OID=., Type=Integer, Value=270  Level 2  Copies OID=., Type=Integer, Value=66406 Level 3  Printer OID=., Type=Integer, Value=860  Level 3  Copies OID=., Type=Integer, Value=37963 Black-White Printer OID=., Type=Integer, Value=0  Fax?  ?? OID=., Type=Integer, Value=372708 Colour  Printer OID=., Type=Integer, […]

Exchange 2013 and Lync 2010 Auto-attendant not working

After running an upgrade from Exchange 2010 to 2013 I began running into the issue that the voicemail for users was no longer working as intended. Several frustrating attempts to resolve this found a severe lack of documentation for this particular state of deployment. After a long, extensive search I came across a good post […]

Installing Lync 2013 IIS features via PowerShell

Based on my experiance with installing Lync 2013 you have to select a whole lot of features in IIS. I rarely like to just select all features in IIS as this is prone to making your server less secure. So I used this script; $features = (‘Web-Default-Doc’, ‘Web-Dir-Browsing’, ‘Web-Http-Errors’, ‘Web-Static-Content’, ‘Web-Http-Logging’, ‘Web-Log-Libraries’, ‘Web-Http-Tracing’, ‘Web-Stat-Compression’, ‘Web-Dyn-Compression’, […]