Exchange 2010 not discovering AD, Information Store not starting

Moving around some Domain Controllers in our Active Directory today caused a major issue with our Exchange 2010 Server. All of a sudden the Information Store was no longer available and a long list of errors occured. Alot of them complaining about the RPC connection not being made to the AD discovery tool. Process STORE.EXE […]

Windows folder reduction with Junction.exe for SSD users

When using smaller SSDs, such as 60 or 80 GBs or even 120 GBs, you may soon run into the problem that certain default windows folders are getting very big and overgrown. Two of these directories are easy to move to any other harddisk that may be in your system. If you head over to […]

Exchange 2010 SP1 PST Export via Command Line (Powershell)

With the new features that came out in SP1 for Exchange 2010 there finally is access directly on the server to export mailboxes into PSTs from the Exchange Server itself without the need for Office or ExMerge. I wrote a simple batch-job that will run the entire export into a local (or network) directory. I […]

Address List and EAP filter upgrades with Exchange Server 2007 & 2010

This post is based very much on my experiance upgrading several environments from 2003 to 2010 (via 2007 & going directly) After having massive issues with out-dated and malfunctioning GAL I came across this post: It basically states a bunch of command that you will need to run in order for things to work […]

Webfarming on Windows Server 2003 & 2008 This guide is a very comprehensive walk-through on several key points on creating webserver farms, both in 2003 but this is also still relevant in 2008 (R2) A small pointer here is that also there is an old MS article which states you should make a binding of you cluster IP on your IIS […]

CRM4.0 failure to detect asp.NET 2.0 being installed

An extremely usefull link about this problem: Ran into the problem while trying to upgrade from CRM3.0 to 2011 which requires 3.0 to be upgraded to 4.0. The problem is caused by the CRM 4.0 installer being a bit retarded as the poster points out. Simply adding 2.0 to the ASAPI filter list […]

Achieved 70-662 MCTS Exchange 2010 Configuration

After a short experiance with Exchange 2010 in both test and internal environments I have today passed 70-662 (Exchange 2010 configuration), not a whole lot of difference compared to 2007 besides ofcourse the new features. More interesting was the new format Microsoft has where they now offer upto 13 different awnsers decreasing the “luck” factor […]