CRM 2011 on Server 2012 (via upgrade)

After a recent upgrade CRM had stopped working on our new Server 2012 based server. During the upgrade CRMs application had been whiped and simply adding the the old folder back to IIS 8.0 (And setting up the proper permissions)┬ádid help in recovering the web based service but this did not fix the issues for […]

CRM4.0 failure to detect asp.NET 2.0 being installed

An extremely usefull link about this problem: Ran into the problem while trying to upgrade from CRM3.0 to 2011 which requires 3.0 to be upgraded to 4.0. The problem is caused by the CRM 4.0 installer being a bit retarded as the poster points out. Simply adding 2.0 to the ASAPI filter list […]