Create a custom install USB stick using DISM

Install a windows laptop and setup everything according to your wishes. On Windows 10 you will need to remove all the apps from MarketPlace before capturing the image with the following command in PowerShell:

Get-AppxPackage | Remove-AppxPackage

After you have done this open run:

sysprep /oobe /generalize /shutdown

Once this is done, boot into the USB stick you used during the installation. Select your locale, language and keyboard layout and goto the next screen. Here you select “Repair Windows”. Go into the “Solve an Issue” menu and select “Command Prompt”. Once in here you must run the following command:

dism /capture-image /ImageFile:D:\sources\install.wim /CaptureDir:C:\ /Name:Windows

Where the ImageFile is the output (I am writing directly onto the USB stick in my example) and the CaptureDir is the drive where Windows is located.
After this is done you just need to boot into the USB stick again on another machine with the same hardware specs and just follow the installer as normal.

Letting Ubuntu resolve .local domains from network DNS servers

Ubuntu uses the Avahi Daemon to rewrite .local domains to always be localhost. This can be prevented by editing the config file; sudo gedit /etc/avahi/avahi-daemon.conf; and setting changing #domain-name=local into domain-name=.localhost (note that there needs to be a . between the name you select and the = mark. After doing this run sudo service avahi-daemon […]

OneDrive running under Ubuntu

Found and installed a great project to use OneDrive on Ubuntu; Only issue I had was that I needed to run the following command before the daemon would start but now it runs fine! sudo pip3 install click –upgrade After running the install I did the following commands to make sure my Documents folder on […]

Using G729 codec on Asterisk 13 with FreePBX 13 (on a x64 modern kernel)

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Delete OEM partitions in Windows

The awnser: diskpart.exe! Hit “Windows Key” + “R” to open the run dialogue box and type “diskpart” and hit “OK” to open a command prompt window. Type “list disk”. Type “select disk n”. Type “list part”. Type “select part n”. Type “delete partition override”. Type “exit”. Thanks to