Network Connection And Sharing Center & Microsoft Firewall not functioning

After some strange issues regarding the Network Connection and Sharing Center not working properly I figured out that adding both the Local Server and Network Service accounts to the local administrator group fixed the issue. Then I encountered a problem with the firewall not working. Searching led to this post on Microsoft: Where […]

Windows 2008 x64 installation with USB stick drivers

Yesterday I attempted to install several new Dell D210’s with Windows 2008 x64. Booting to the installer prompted to load some drivers for the PERC S100 controller. No problem, downloaded them from the site and inserted the driver. After selecting the partition needed to install the OS a error popped-up: “Windows could not determine if […]

SharePoint 2007 Portal Site Hidden Login

In an on-going effort the create SharePoint template pages we have made a nice piece of code that allows us to hide the login button of the SharePoint Portal site unless users add a specific variable to the URL or unless they are logged in: <% SPUser currentUser = SPContext.Current.Web.CurrentUser; string DisplayLogin = Request[“login”]; if […]