Adjusting dependancies on Windows services

While working on an issue with a 2003 SP2 server we ran into an error 1075

System error 1075 has occurred.
The dependency service does not exist or has been marked for deletion.

But looking at the service in the Services manager we could not see any dependancy that was missing or not running. Turns out that a “ghost” dependancy was active for no explainable reason whatsoever.

After some searching around on the internet I found this article which was not related to our service but did give me an important clue on how to look at the dependancies.

Turns out using the sc qc MSExchangeSA was capable of producing our “ghost” dependancy (In our case DNS). Using sc config MSExchange depend= [service names here] we modified it to no longer use the non-exsistant dependancy and our problem was solved.

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