Cisco study plans

As part of my work I have been heavely involved in Cisco routing, VPN and VoIP technologie for some time now.

To improve on my own skills with Cisco I have orderd a bunch of Cisco routers namely:

2503 (single Ethernet router with BRI interface)

2611 (dual Ethernet router)

And most recently a 2621 (dual port with Fast Ethernet) for permanent usage at home to gain some valuable insight into how Cisco’s IOS works and most importantly: Cisco routing, NAT and access-lists. I have been doing some experimentation with the above already and will be posting some of my experiances on here to hopefully help someone, although I must say that once you get into the “Cisco” thinking pattern, much like with Microsoft, it’s all relatively easy and some minor search-engine help get’s you a long way. is full of small guides on how to do stuff.

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