Removing old 1Password vaults from the selection menu

After doing alot of fiddling with my password vaults for the Windows Phone app I had a large list of unused password vaults in the quick select menu. To remove these I found the following location: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\AgileBits\1Password 4\MRU. Here you can delete the keys for vaults you no longer use.

Installing PECL mods for PHP on IIS

Although mentions there are no DLLs for PECL they can be found here Find the module you need, select a version (I always opt for the most recent version that will work with my flavor of PHP). To figure out which version you need run the phpinfo() command on your server. In the […]

OIDs for detailed printer count on Kyocera (TaskAlfa 4550cn)

Using SNMPWalk I found and matched to following counters to the actual levels as reported by our Kyocera TaskAlfa 4550cn; OID=., Type=Integer, Value=145436 Level 1  Printer OID=., Type=Integer, Value=1038 Level 1  Copies OID=., Type=Integer, Value=160866 Level 2  Printer OID=., Type=Integer, Value=270  Level 2  Copies OID=., Type=Integer, Value=66406 Level 3  Printer OID=., Type=Integer, Value=860  Level 3  Copies OID=., Type=Integer, Value=37963 Black-White Printer OID=., Type=Integer, Value=0  Fax?  ?? OID=., Type=Integer, Value=372708 Colour  Printer OID=., Type=Integer, […]

Installing Lync 2013 IIS features via PowerShell

Based on my experiance with installing Lync 2013 you have to select a whole lot of features in IIS. I rarely like to just select all features in IIS as this is prone to making your server less secure. So I used this script; $features = (‘Web-Default-Doc’, ‘Web-Dir-Browsing’, ‘Web-Http-Errors’, ‘Web-Static-Content’, ‘Web-Http-Logging’, ‘Web-Log-Libraries’, ‘Web-Http-Tracing’, ‘Web-Stat-Compression’, ‘Web-Dyn-Compression’, […]