The wonderful world of cookies

I just did a complete whipe of my PC to reinstall Windows 7. As per normal this brings with it the need to do all you settings over again and -the- single most annoying setting to do: cookies! I’ve been a bit OCD with them for years now setting my Internet Explorer to always prompt for any cookie, first of third party. This ofcourse leads to the most mind-boggling spammage of domains that want to set cookies on your PC in the first few days.

So today was the first earnest day of using my browser for stuff like social media, searching, listening to music etc.. Within roughly 1 hour of setting behind my PC I already racked up over 100 cookies for the roughly 15 sites I visited. Of these 100 cookies I decided to allow 21. Now it won’t take a math genius to notice that this means that 79% of the cookies I have encounterd so far have been complete and utter bogus. Main prize has to go to Fitocracy, which caused a barage of over 20 unwanted 3rd-party cookies to be thrown at me. Still love the site though!

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