Installing Lync 2013 IIS features via PowerShell

Based on my experiance with installing Lync 2013 you have to select a whole lot of features in IIS. I rarely like to just select all features in IIS as this is prone to making your server less secure. So I used this script;

$features = (‘Web-Default-Doc’, ‘Web-Dir-Browsing’, ‘Web-Http-Errors’, ‘Web-Static-Content’, ‘Web-Http-Logging’, ‘Web-Log-Libraries’, ‘Web-Http-Tracing’, ‘Web-Stat-Compression’, ‘Web-Dyn-Compression’, ‘Web-Filtering’, ‘Web-Client-Auth’, ‘Web-Windows-Auth’, ‘Web-Net-Ext’, ‘Web-Asp-Net’, ‘Web-Net-Ext45’, ‘Web-Asp-Net45’, ‘Web-ISAPI-Ext’, ‘Web-ISAPI-Filter’, ‘Web-Mgmt-Console’, ‘Web-Scripting-Tools’)
foreach ($feature in $features) { Install-WindowsFeature -Name $feature }

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