Along with two friends we are planning on creating a podcast. I will keep a bit of track here on what stuff I choose to use and how we go about setting up a “cheap & cheerful” podcast.

  • Equipment?
  • Where to publish?
  • Naming a podcast!
  • What to podcast about

Any other business.


Welcome to our podcast website! A small introduction into who we are and why we hope you will enjoy what we have to say;

Worldly educated and well traveled film and podcast fanatic.
Would rather be out in the world than sitting at home. Watches every possible movie he can lay his hands on, listens to every interesting podcast out there. Enjoys reading, painting, the arts, the great outdoors, cats & MMA.

Green engineer with an obsession for creating food items.
Grows his own peppers, (attempts to) make his own ice-coffees and mead variants. Enjoys small engineering projects, small-time farming & consoles.

IT fanatic with a creative spin
System Engineer who also loves to get into all sort of random projects relating to technology. Enjoys photography, programming, biking & hiking.

What connects us?
Our mutual love of good food&drinks, gaming, comedy, random worldly facts & being nerds in general. Beyond that a decade long friendship between the three of us.


Right now we plan to beg, borrow & steal our equipment and see if we can get things going. I will use this list to refer back to later for gear I’ve seen around the internet that I found useful to possibly buy if this takes of:

Where to publish?

Since I love using wordpress I wanted to looking to a plugin that will allow me to use wordpress to manage my RSS feeds that you need for many podcasting services. iTunes & Sticher are high on our list and both have guides on how to setup a podcast with them. Seriously Simply Podcasting has caught my eye as the plugin to go for.