NAS 2.0

After converting my old CH3SNAS into a Debian box I kept running into the fact that I found it a very slow device. So I decided to pillage my “Prism I” project (which had conked out because of issues with the RAID card height).

I went and bought a CoolerMaster Elite 110 case and an Intel Celeron G1620 CPU to build a new, faster NAS / experimental Debian server, a future upgrade will be to slap in a lower TDP CPU embedded motherboard.

After fiddling a bit on the installation process and also on the mounting of several key components I have begun to add functionality to the server. On the system disk I will be running some Apache, PHP and MySQL stuff for testing and development. On the two bigger WD Green 1 TB disks I will be storing off-site backups and my local files.

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