“Prism I” 2U Server

In this project I’ll be using a chassis from AllMetalThings, 2U 300mm deep enclosure

  • ASUS P8H61-i LX R2.0
  • Intel i3 2130
  • 16 GB DDR3 RAM
  • StarTech 4 drive 2.5″ drive backplane
  • StarTech 2 drive Trayless Hot Swap 2.5″
  • 4 Western Digital Scorpio Blue 500GB 5400 rpm 2.5″ disks
  • 1 Kingston 64GB SSD (250 MB/s)
  • Three StarTech 60x10mm Fans
  • Several bits and bobs laying around the storage containers
  • MS-Tech MPS-400 400 Watt mATX power supply

The hardware used is based on a very simple concept: Simple and “low” cost. The i3 2130 only has 2 memory channels but our mITX mainboard only has 2 slots, and the 21 GB/s memory bandwidth should be capable of handling our 16 GB of RAM just fine. RAM and diskspeed are most important for me.

To view the progress of my Prism I project go here; http://www.jodrik.nl/category/projects/prism-i/

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