About me

I started working with PC’s at an early age, being introduced to systems like the Apple 2 and AT’s & XT’s by my father who worked for DIGITAL at the time. My interests always went into the regions of communication and the internet.

On the 18th of December 2003 I poured my experimental projects into an official mold and KO3.net was born. KO3.net would grow as an email service provider, website host and registar. In 2010 KO3.net became on official SIDN registered .NL registar.

A small jump back in time to 2008 when I became an MCP and shortly after MCDST. Within several months I worked my way upto MCSA and later MCSA:Messaging. In the years after that I slowly progressed into MCTS, MCITP and in 2012 into the remade MCSA (Cloud based stuff).

I moved more into project management and also began using Debian more. I enrolled in the HarvardX CS50 program to upgrade my current programming skills to be at a better level, this will also help with PowerShell scripting. ITIL is also on the list of courses to take.

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