SharePoint 2007 Portal Site Hidden Login

In an on-going effort the create SharePoint template pages we have made a nice piece of code that allows us to hide the login button of the SharePoint Portal site unless users add a specific variable to the URL or unless they are logged in: <% SPUser currentUser = SPContext.Current.Web.CurrentUser; string DisplayLogin = Request[“login”]; if […]

Off-site secondary DNS & Mailserver hosted in Nijmegen has launched it’s newest off-site server in Nijmegen. Hosted in the server-room of Het Oudburgeren Gasthuis in Nijmegen, Netherlands a new 2008 server has joined the production environment. Improved levels of redundancy will be achieved with this new server and we are working on intergrating it into our existing environment as quickly as possible.

Development Windows DNS Management Panel

On-going efforts to create a web-based management-shell the allow end-users to directly manage and maintain their own DNS records on Windows based DNS servers has reached a final release fase where I am proud to say we have launched the first version with all the major functionality. Full support for adding and deleting all basic […]