Opening of Blog

Well let’s kick off this new blog in “style” by creating the first post on it. My intentions for this blog are to post and share things I come across in my line of work as a system administrator, designer and support technician.

My focus within IT is very broad but centers mostly around user interaction with products such as CRM, CMS, Collaboration, Communications, Messaging and Web portals.

As you can also note I am a Microsoft specialist. Had some experiance with Apache in hosting environments and also work with several other systems such a Cisco VoIP & VPN but mostly my intrest and focus is within the Microsoft branche.

Why Microsoft? Because of a strong connection that is currently possible between all programs that allows for seemless intergration between users, their documents, their communication and their clients, both in-house and on the move.

I hope this blog will house usefull or helpfull data for anyone.

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